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  • Our CO2 Box contains a unique fungal mycelial mass
  • Mycelium is hardy and can withstand a wide range of temps
  • Mycelium is non-toxic to humans and pets
  • CO2 is heavier then air & will sink to the floor – therefore our bags should be suspended above the plants
  • On average 1 bag will cover 4 cubic feet of space
  • Bags produce CO2 as a byproduct of substrate utilization
  • Our bags can withstand direct sunlight for short periods of time
  • It is not necessary to break apart the substrate when your bag arrives – it's already activated so all you have to do is hang the bag in your grow area
  • CO2 is and essential ingredient for Photosynthesis
  • Our bag is designed for indoor use
  • 8 to 12 weeks of organically generated CO2
  • Guaranteed one week shipping

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