Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Commercial greenhouses often use non-renewable, environmentally unfriendly methods to generate CO2.

Carbon Dioxide is produced as a by-product of many manufacturing processes, where it must be isolated, filtered, and purified before used.  A lot of industrial energy goes into its delivery.  

Organic CO2 Production  

At Natural CO2 Bags, our approach is as organic as nature itself.  Our bag is the most scientifically researched, sophisticated CO2 bag available today. It provides a sterile package to allow nature's gas exchange and not allow competing organisms to interfere with our high quality mycelium as it delivers a reliable carbon dioxide flow. Nothing beats it.

As it grows, our premium mycelium strain produces carbon dioxide naturally.  Heavier than oxygen, the CO2 escapes our exclusive bag to bathe the stomata of growing leaves beneath the bag.  Plants breathe too!  Give them the breath of air they need to photosynthesize.  

Natural, Recyclable Substrate  

When our CO2 Bags have completed their growth cycle, simply add the substrate to your compost bin.  Offering proteins and a high nutritional value, mycelium residue contributes to a great organic fertilizer!

  • What is Substrate?  When we say "substrate", we mean the material in which our mycelium lives and obtains its nourishment.
  • All Natural, Chemical Free.  Our substrate is made of healthy, natural materials.
  • No GMOs.  Our organisms are exclusively cultivated strains of naturally occurring mycelium.  No genetically modified organisms are used.  

While the bag itself is not recyclable, we've done all we can to minimize the environmental impact of its production.