Exclusive Technology

Teasing out the secrets of nature requires gentleness, dedication, and technical expertise.  

When it comes to Natural CO2 Bags, we've combined our love of growing greens with the most exacting, zero tolerance science in the marketplace today.  The result is the most productive, safe, and reliable CO2 Bag on the market.  

GMP Facilities Utilizing Proprietary Technologies  

When you think of nature lovers with a passion for indoor gardening, you may not imagine a dedicated R&D staff of post graduate biologists and scientists.  To make your world green, we often work in sterile, hepa filtered clean rooms.  Autoclaves, sterile mixers, and reactors are our friends.  

The result speaks for itself: the highest quality CO2 Bags on the market, offering unbeatable productivity and reliability.   

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The Natural CO2 Bags Advantage

When you choose our product, the advantages are clear:

  • The Bag. Our bag is the most scientifically researched, sophisticated CO2 bag available today.  From providing the optimum/best environment for our high quality mycelium, to delivering a reliable carbon dioxide flow, nothing beats it.
  • The Substrate.  We have formulated and reformulated an organic, all natural substrate nutrition that offers the optimum for CO2 producing hyphae.
  • The Organism.  At Natural CO2 Bags, we've discovered the perfect non-fruiting, non-spore producing, highly productive mycelium strain that delivers consistently over time.

To learn more about our bag development process and how sustainable and eco-friendly our product is, visit our FAQs and Resources pages, or contact us today!