Our CO2 Bag

The best things in nature often require a delicate balance.   

At Natural CO2 Bags, our bag is the most scientifically researched, sophisticated CO2 bag available today. It provides a sterile package to allow nature’s gas exchange and not allow competing organisms to interfere with our high quality mycelium as it delivers a reliable carbon dioxide flow. Nothing beats it for helping to generate and distribute naturally generated CO2 to your plants.

Bag and Carbon Dioxide Production Specifications  

  • 8 to 12 weeks of organically generated CO2
  • Manufactured using GMP's
  • Our bag keeps the naturally growing mycelium chemical free
  • Guaranteed to ship in one week 

Carbon dioxide production continues at a well-regulated, economical rate engineered to support the ecology of your indoor herb garden, grow tent, or greenhouse.  

Guaranteed Fresh CO2  

Our lab manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge poly-bag technology are supported by a shipment of fresh inventory that guarantees consistent results. Many competing products spend a significant portion of their productive life sitting on the shelf.  

The result speaks for itself: the highest quality, natural carbon dioxide production on the market, offering unbeatable productivity and reliability.   

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Supporting Nature's CO2 Cycle  

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