Using CO2 Bags

Watering your plants may be simple, but you do it with loving care.  

Now you can take the same pride in a job well done when you hang our Natural CO2 Bags above your precious greens.  You'll know you've given your plants the very best.  

Beneath Your Lights, Above Your Leaves  

To use Natural CO2 Bags, simply hang one of our CO2 bags beneath your grow lights and slightly above the level of your leaves.  

The mycelium used in our exclusive bags is so productive, it can cover a 4' X 4' cubic foot area for up to a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks, producing levels of CO2 which significantly outperforms the competition. For larger grow tents and greenhouses, simply purchase the appropriate number of bags.  

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Is CO2 Right for You?  

Whether you grow herbs or sprouts, budding greens, or leafy indoor plants, you can give your lush beauties the gift of fresh carbon dioxide they crave. Learn more by exploring our informative pages on:

At Natural CO2 Bags, our mission is to help you grow the plants you love.  All of our scientific knowledge and expertise in cultivation has one goal in mind - unleashing the powerful forces of natural growth for you!  

To learn more about Natural CO2 Bags, visit our About Us page, our bag development process, or better yet, learn How To Purchase the most advanced CO2 Bags on the market today.  We look forward to nourishing your plants for years to come.

Plants Thrive on CO2