Natural CO2 Bags

By bringing nature and science together, we're leading the way to greener indoor gardens.   Plants require CO2 to grow.  For every leaf that unfolds, carbon dioxide is the breath of life.  Now there is an easy-to-use, natural way to generate CO2, for your indoor herb garden, grow tent, or green house.   Natural CO2 Bags are your choice for healthier, more vibrant plants in every indoor growing environment!  

CO2 Bags

  • Each CO2 bag stamped with a born-on date
  • Engineered to guarantee maximum yield  

Learn more about our bag development process, it's exclusive technology, and how easy-to-use our sustainable and eco-friendly product is.  Visit our FAQs and Resources pages, or contact us today!  

Home Grown

Nothing beats the freshness of home grown herbs for their aroma and flavor, and with Natural CO2 Bags, yours will be an incredible yield of the leafiest greens!

Natural CO2 Bags are so simple and natural, you won't believe they haven't been used for centuries, but it took modern science to find the perfect formulation for your plants. 

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