About Natural CO2 Bags

Nature is sophisticated.  

At Natural CO2 Bags, we've assembled a team of some of the most qualified PhDs, equipped them with a pharmaceutical grade laboratory, and cultivated an exclusive mycelium strain crafted through time and care to be the best organically generating CO2 medium available.  

That was just the start. After working for long months with an experienced poly-bag engineering team, we were finally able to offer most sophisticated CO2 bag on the market today.  

We're passionate about indoor gardening, and we take pride in our state-of-the-art product.  Using an exclusive technology, our bag offers benefits to a variety of indoor gardening enthusiasts.  

Using a hand-picked network of national distributors to ship our CO2 bags, we're able to guarantee fresh delivery.

For everyone with a grow tent or greenhouse, or who wants the best for their sprouts, microgreens, and indoor winter gardens, Natural CO2 Bags are the one of the best gifts you can give your plants.

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